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Waste Management Services

Waste Management Services Bhopal

Waste Management Services Bhopal

Waste Management Bhopal : Throwing waste in the bin is a good thing. However, it is not where the process of managing waste ends, but where it begins. Segregation is the first step of waste management.

Waste from a house can be broadly divided in to two categories – dry waste and wet waste. Both need to be disposed and recycled differently. Wet waste includes cooked and uncooked food, waste from fruits and flowers, fallen leaves, dust from sweeping and other similar things. On the other hand, paper, plastic, rubber, metals, leather, cloth rags, wire, glass and things etc. fall under the category of dry waste. Remember that wet waste is organic and dry is not.

Segregation is the first step towards proper disposal of both categories of waste. It is recommended to have two separate dustbins in the house to keep wet waste from mixing up with its dry counterpart. Bits of plastic, for instance, are dry waste components which if not disposed properly can become an environmental hazard.

Waste Management Services Bhopal : Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is the most significant cleanliness campaign by the Government of India. Shri Narendra Modi led a cleanliness pledge at India Gate, which about thirty lakh government employees across the country joined. We are also doing waste management and undertake such work. You can avail our services for the same.

Waste management means management of all the activities of handling waste from collecting waste to transporting it to its final destination for disposal. Waste management is essential for the healthy functioning of human and environment. We are generating waste on a faster pace than the disposal of waste is carried out. Many kinds of wastes are generated such as solid, gaseous and liquid. All forms of wastes created go through different processes of waste management. Efficient waste management will lead us to safe and healthy environment.

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